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12-passenger vans start at $XX.00

15-passenger vans start at $XX.00

We provide the van, cleaning, maintenance. You provide the driver. Our fees are low,  and we work with your group to find the best transportation arrangement possible.

We help you find financial support you may not know you had!

TranServe, a federally funded program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation, designates funds specifically intended for mass transportation. These funds are made available to federal employees who enroll in the program. L.A.C.T. is proud to work with you to get this process started. Find out more information here or call the office at (985) 649-7887.

The savings add up!

Find the money for that vacation you've always wanted to take by partnering with L.A.T.C. to provide your transportation. Many of our clients have reported savings of close to $6,000 in one year! We calculate by (cost to drive your car to work) - (cost to ride with L.A.T.C.), and the best part? The more riders you have in your group, the more you are able to save!

Find out about what you can save when you partner with L.A.C.T.

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